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A Passion For Pineapple In Your Coastal Home

Posted by Denise 06/01/2016 0 Comment(s)
Hello and thank you for stopping by the Coastal Blog today. Memorial Day is behind us and the official first day of Summer is June 20th.  Do you have a passion for pineapples? Then you have found the right place. Pineapples just say Summer has arrived! Pineapples are fun and we didn’t realize how much we loved the look in décor, DIY's, recipes and decorating with them until we started seeing them on Pinterest. So, here at Pacific Home Furniture we had to start a board and do a blog and do some further investigating to get more of them, pineapples that is, in our lives. You can connect with Pacific Home Furniture on Pinterest to get your share of pineapple passion.
Did you know the pineapple represents hospitality and is a sign of welcome. To delve further in more pineapple knowledge click here to see what Learn 2 Grow has to say about The Welcoming Pineapple. 
 Let us show you a few ideas how to use pineapples in your home.
This driftwood cutie can be found at  This would look amazing on a shelf or the kitchen counter in a vignette. 
Since we are talking about the kitchen you might want to try this recipe for Pineapple Coconut Cashew Rice.
Growing your own pineapples? We are going to have to give this one a try.
Source for instructions to grow your very own pineapple plant.
How cute is this? Use a pineapple as your party invitation.
For all of you DIYers, here are 21 pineapple projects just for you!
A rug with tropical pineapples and flowers. This is so special and unique!
What's not to love about this golden pineapple tucked away with your trinklets! 
Be a pineapple everyday! 
Just hanging out waiting for a buyer.  Select pineapples by the smell, it should smell sweet. By touch, soft but firm. Heavy means, juicy, sweeter and riper. 
Follow our Coastal Pineapple and Palm Pinterest board to be inspired. 
Do you have a passion for pineapples? We would love to hear how you decorate or use them in your home. Comment below or you can reach us at 
DISCLAIMER: The beautiful images we shared with you in this blog do not belong to Pacific Home Furniture unless indicated in this coastal blog.

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