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Spring Pillow Styles For The Coastal Home

Posted by Denise 03/31/2019 0 Comment(s)


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Here at we like to keep things simple. Enjoy!



Pillows on the patio! The perfect  place to relax and entertain!




Use two favorite color combinations for a brighter spring sofa! Turquoise and Coral.




Putting blues together doesn't have to be difficult. Mix your pillows with varying shades of turquoise in seageeen and blue green.

Turquoise is a harmonious and soothing shade for any room in your home.


Does a white leather sofa look great in a coastal home? We think so!


Dark Grey isn't the most spring time color, but if you love it, we say, use it all year round! The key to the look is to keep the patterns the same size and not over whelm one pattern over another.




Shop this look at                                                                                                                             The pillows in this look! Here


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