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Custom Furniture

                                                                                                       CUSTOM FURNITURE 


Pacific Home Furniture is proud to bring to you a classic cottage furniture with the look and feel of coastal life.
This style is called, the "COASTAL COTTAGE COLLECTION.”
The subtle, simple design characteristics fit the most formal and informal rooms alike. Maybe it's just an accent piece, a buffet, armoire or an entire bedroom suit. Whatever piece you choose, you will be reminded of a tranquil lifestyle and a more comfortable pace.
This American made furniture is bench built by skilled craftsmans who build individual pieces from start to finish.  All pieces of furniture are built to the specific desires of the customer . This method allows for the customization for each piece to our customers needs.  We can do modifications to our existing pieces, usually at no additional charge.
The quality of our furniture is built to last a lifetime. Each piece is an all wood construction throughout our products. Our painted pieces are made from Poplar and Birch.  Our stain grade pieces are made from White Pine with optional woods of Cherry and Walnut. All drawers have a heavy beadboard bottom, a painted interior, and heavy metal roller glides. Back panels are solid beadboard. Adjustable shelves have pin and bracket supports.
There are 5 finishes available.  All finishes are waterborne Sherwin Williams lacquer. They have proven to withstand the test of time and are remarkably durable and resilient.
The 5 Finishes are as stated:
The first finish is a single solid color chosen from the palette of over 40 colors. Each piece is sanded, primed, and then finished with multiple coats of the color of your choosing.  All furniture is priced with a solid color paint finish.
This finish is known as a “Rubbed” finish.  This proprietary method of finishing is where a complimentary base color is chosen, and a top color is applied over the base color. We them “rub” the edges and details of the piece revealing the complimentary undercoat.  THIS METHOD OF FINISHING SHOULD NOT BE CONFUSED WITH ANY OTHER TYPE OF COMMERCIALLY OR AVALIABLE DEFINED “RUBBED “ FINISH.  Any color of our palette can be chosen as either the base or top coat, which leads to an infinite number of combinations. 
Choose the desired effect by specifying a LIGHT, MEDIUM or HEAVY "RUB" through.
Similar to our “Rubbed” finish, but this level has three (3) colors applied and the edges are then rubbed revealing the 2 base coats.
Any piece can have a stain grade white pine or antique heart pine top surface added as an accent. EXAMPLE: a table with painted base and stained top to accent.
Any of our pieces can be built in stain grade wood from white pine (standard), antique heart pine, walnut or cherry. Stain grade pieces are finished with a semi gloss clear coat for preservation.
No two trees are exactly alike and each cut of wood will take  stain differently. Variations between samples and finished goods should be anticipated.  This is due to aging of the samples and cuts of wood in the finished product. Unless otherwise specified in the order, stained wood, wood table tops, and heart pine accented pieces will have visible knots. If you do not desire visible knots in the finished product-THIS MUST BE NOTED AT THE TIME OF THE ORDER AND MAY REQUIRE ADDITIONAL CHARGES.
We have found when choosing a piece that will be placed in a child’s room, or be placed in an area of high use, the 2-Color Rub Through finish has proven the most popular and satisfying to our customers.
Cottage style furniture is intended to wear and distress over time. It is this process that gives Cottage Style furniture its character.  Our finishes provide a unique opportunity to control what your furniture will look like as the top coat gets nicked and scratched, revealing the under coating of the piece. We encourage you to explore various colors and undercoating colors to develop your own look and feel to your furniture. So above all, HAVE FUN WITH THE COLORS.
We offer a RUSH LEAD TIME program. For your orders to be rushed there is a 10% added fee to the total order for your custom furniture. Your items will be completed and ready for shipping in 6 weeks or less.
Please be patient. It takes time for this process, but it is definitely worth the wait. 
Please review our policies and procedures before you buy.  We will be happy to clarify any questions you have. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.